Celebrating Holidays with Your Loved One in Assisted Living in Houston TX


Holidays can be a difficult time for families when their loved one is in an assisted living facility. However, it is important to make the most of these special occasions and celebrate with your loved one. There are many ways to make the holidays special for your loved one in assisted living, from decorating their room to planning festive events. In this article, we will go over some ideas for celebrating holidays with your loved one in an assisted living facility in Houston, TX.

Ideas For Gatherings This Holiday Season:

Decorate Their Room

Decorating your loved one’s room can lift their mood and make them feel the holiday spirit. Bring in some special decorations like twinkling lights, holiday banners, and a festive tree to brighten up their space. You can also ask the facility staff if there are any regulations about decorations.

Plan a Family Gathering

If your loved one is able, you can plan a family gathering at the assisted living facility. Reserve the community room or a private dining room and decorate it with holiday decorations. You can bring in food, play games, and exchange gifts with your loved one. Be sure to check with the staff on any regulations and if they have any recommendations for a successful event.

Bring in Entertainment

Many assisted living facilities have events scheduled for holidays, but you can also bring in your own entertainment. You can play holiday music from a speaker or hire a musician to come in and perform for your loved one. You can also watch holiday movies together.

Create a Holiday Memory Book

If your loved one is unable to participate in physical activities, you can spend time creating a holiday memory book. You can fill it with pictures and stories from past holidays to reminisce and share happy memories. You can also ask family and friends to contribute their own stories and pictures.

Volunteer Together

The holidays are a time for giving and volunteering can be a great way to spread the holiday spirit. Many assisted living facilities have volunteer opportunities or you can find an organization that is in need of volunteers. Spending time volunteering with your loved one will not only make them feel good, but it will also provide a sense of purpose.

Celebrating holidays with your loved one in assisted living can be meaningful and rewarding. By decorating their room, planning family gatherings, bringing in entertainment, creating a holiday memory book, and volunteering together, you can make the holidays special for your loved one. Remember to check with the facility on any regulations and to ask if they have any suggestions for holiday celebrations. With a little effort and creativity, you can make the holidays a memorable time for your loved one in assisted living.