What To Look For In Senior Living Floor Plans of Abbey at Westminster – Houston, TX


When it comes to senior living, everyone looks for the best quality of life possible. As loved ones age, the search for a comfortable and accommodating senior living community becomes more important than ever.

One key element in every senior living community is the floor plan!

The senior living floor plan is a vital factor to consider. It directly affects seniors’ living experiences, their day-to-day routines, and even their safety.


In this blog post, we’ll explore senior living floor plans, specifically the Abbey at Westminster, to help understand what you should look for in the selection process.

1. Space
The floor plan must provide ample space for the senior resident to live and move around freely. The rooms should feel cozy but not cluttered. Residents should also have enough storage space to store their possessions. Be sure to check the floor plan’s dimensions and ask how the layout can accommodate mobility, such as wheelchair accessibility.


2. Accessibility
This point addresses the living space design that makes seniors’ day-to-day activities more convenient. Handrails in hallways and bathroom areas help to make senior living more manageable, so well-placed handrails should be included in the senior living floor plan. Other design considerations include light switches and outlets placed at locations that are easy to reach.


3. Safety and Comfort
Safety features must also be considered when selecting a senior living floor plan for your loved one. Look for exit doors that do not require steps, have rounded corners, and have easy-to-grip doorknobs. Non-slip flooring is also a bonus. Good ventilation systems in living areas are vital to creating comfortable living arrangements for seniors too.


4. Amenities
Finally, it’s essential to consider the extra amenities included with the senior living floor plan. The senior resident should have access to facilities like gyms, libraries, recreation centers, and social activities. Whether it is on the same floor plan or close by, a few steps away, these amenities enriches seniors’ quality of life and ensures there is always something to do.


5. Cost
While it may be true that expensive senior living facilities may indicate better amenities and security, it is essential to note that costs that are too high may be unnecessary. It’s essential to have an idea of what seniors can afford and come up with a reasonable budget that would suffice for their ideal living space.


When it comes to selecting senior living places, the floor plan is a crucial factor to consider.

Space, accessibility, safety, comfort, amenities, and cost all contribute to creating a nurturing and secure home for your loved one. The Abbey at Westminster provides an excellent selection and caters to varying senior living needs. When touring the Abbey at Westminster, always compare the floor plan to your list of essential features to see if your specific requirements are met. In the end, when you see elderly family members happy and satisfied, it reminds you of how important the selection process can be.